Auto Cone-Packing fully Integrated with the Mill Information System.


  • Packing quality: uniform and consistent
  • Avoid errors and mix ups
  • Enables tracking in case of complaints / verification
  • Integrated information system (Production, Inventory / Warehouse , Dispatch & Sales )
  • Saving manpower
ACP 2.76

Auto Cone-Pack®

  1. Weight control of sets of cones per carton 12,18,24.
  2. Automatic wrapping of cones
  3. Grouping cones in columns and rows (1 layer).
  4. Placing cones layer by layer
  5. Placing separation pads between each layer.
  6. Gross weight
  7. Sealing
  8. Strapping
  9. Label Printing


  • Automatic wrapping of cones
  • Grouping in columns and rows – for placing inside the Carton or Pallet in each row.
  • Carton – of different sizes to suit varying no. of cones and weights
  • Printing on the Carton / Bag – with bar code as an option
  • Integrated to the Mill Information System – ERP for auto generation of Invoice / Packing list / Tracking system / Inventory

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