Fully automatic baling of multiple types of fibers without manpower

The BALExpress can be suitably configured for existing and new mills.

  • Ring Spinning – Waste collection and Baling
  • Fibre Recovery Plants
  • Fibre Dyeing Plants
  • Bele Wight – 100, 150 and 175Kg
  • Silos – at Floor Level or above the Conveyor
  • Automatic collection of fibres from the compactor to Silos(One for each type of fibre)
  • Automatic regulation of different types of fibre from respective Silo to the BALExpres through conveyor
  • Automatic lifting of the press box (no doors) on reaching the pre set Bale weight
  • Automatic Ejection of the strapped Bale
  • Strapping is the only manual function
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Why Automatic Baling?

  • The Nature of work involved is HAZARDOUS

         - Health  - Accident

  • Higher Turnout of people doing this job; mostly contract workers and hence no proper training
  • Can avoid mix ups
  • Precise Waste weighment control
  • Uniform bale weight and size
  • Clean Housekeeping

Press- Fully &
Truly Automated

No manual

Built- in
Safety Features.

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