Indo Texnology news 18-Jul-2023

Indo Texnology’s Revolutionary Camera + Ai Based Bobbin Colour Sorter

24 units of Sortlink Magic at Noman Group

Welcome to Indo Texnology, the leading provider of innovative textile solutions. Discover Sortlink, India's first cop sorter and bobbin sorter, launched by Indo Texnology in 2012. With an overwhelming positive response from the market, we have successfully installed over 2000 Sortlink systems across India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

The Sortlink system, also known as Copsorter, is an attachment for magazine-type autowinders. It efficiently segregates bobbins based on color, remnant yarn, and full bobbins ejected from the autowinder. By providing detailed reports on the ejected bobbins, Sortlink enhances the monitoring of autowinders' efficiency.

In our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, we proudly introduce Sortlink Magic, developed based on extensive market survey feedback initiated by our customer support team. This exceptional system overcomes limitations and addresses the pain points of bobbin segregation in spinning mills.

Key findings from the market survey and their execution include:

  1. Close Shade Detection: Sortlink Magic accurately detects even subtle shade differences between old and new bobbins, enabling sorting to the same bin or trolley. This capability is especially vital for spinning mills that produce melange yarn, where a wide range of similar colors is prevalent.
    • Differentiation of Scratched Bobbins and Remnant Bobbins: Sortlink Magic effectively distinguishes between scratched bobbins and remnant yarn bobbins. In spinning mills, it is common for laborers to remove remnant yarn using knives or sharp objects, resulting in visible scratch marks on the bobbins. Sortlink Magic addresses this issue with precision.
    • Space-Constrained Mills: Sortlink Magic is designed to seamlessly attach to autowinders, requiring no additional space in the winding section. This feature proves particularly valuable for mills with limited space.
    • Easy Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Sortlink Magic boasts minimal moving parts, making maintenance simple and cost-effective. Additionally, the system offers remote diagnostics, enabling our technicians to provide instant support without the need for on-site visits.
    • Bobbin Reports: Sortlink Magic generates comprehensive reports categorized by color, remnant yarn, and full bobbins. These reports provide valuable insights for optimizing mill operations.

    What sets Sortlink Magic apart is the powerful combination of camera technology and artificial intelligence. Indo Texnology's Sortlink Magic utilizes cameras and AI, enabling it to differentiate bobbins with remarkable accuracy, akin to human eyes.

    The exceptional performance of Sortlink Magic speaks for itself, with a substantial number of installations achieved within a short span of time. Prominent mills such as Ambika Spinning Mills, Akshara and Adisankara of SSM Group, SCM Spinning Mills (The Chennai Silks Group), Sutlej Group, RSWM, Suryalakshmi Spinning Mills, Ramco, GHCL, Dhamodar Group, KG Group, LS Spinning Mills, Shri Rohith Spinners, Saravanagiri, Veebee Yarn Tex, Madhura Coats, Jayalakshmi Spinning Mills, BST Textiles, and many others have embraced Sortlink Magic to enhance their operations.

    Choose Sortlink Magic and experience the revolutionary solution that optimizes bobbin segregation in spinning mills, delivering unmatched efficiency and productivity. Contact us today to learn more about this game-changing technology offered by Indo Texnology.

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