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automatic cone packing
Indo Texnology Team with KK Sinha Ji at Suryalata Spinning Mills

Suryalata Spinning Mills’ 100% packing automation success story with Indo Texnology automatic packing system across their units.

Coimbatore-based Indo Texnology has been making significant waves in the automation and monitoring systems sector, drawing attention with its groundbreaking automatic cone packing system. This innovative system has made a remarkable impact on enhancing productivity at Suryalata Spinning Mills. K.K. Sinha, the Vice President of Suryalata Spinning Mills, shared exclusive insights into the success of the increasingly popular automatic cone packing system.

Sinha expressed his appreciation for the automatic cone packing system supplied by Indo Texnology, noting, “Thanks to this system, the packing process has become notably easier. Previously, labor procurement was a challenging task, but now it has been streamlined. The quality of packing has significantly improved, leading to zero customer complaints. Each machine contributes to a significant saving. In essence, this system represents the pinnacle of tomorrow’s technology.”

cone transport system
Indo Texnology's Automatic Cone Packing and Cone Inspection System at Suryalata Spinning Mills
automatic cone packing machine
Mr. Thirupathi, Managing Director, Indo Texnology

Established in 1983, Suryalata Spinning Mills boasts a 40-year legacy in manufacturing yarns and stands as a prominent producer, generating approximately 80 metric tons per day.

Their product range includes an assortment of synthetic blended yarns such as 100% PSF yarns, 100% VSF yarns, P/V blended yarns, value-added yarns, elite twist, and TFO (two for one twister) yarns.

With two manufacturing units strategically located in Kalwakurthy and Urukondapet-Jadcherla Road, both within close proximity in the Nagerkurnool district of Telangana, these ISO 9001:2015 certified units collectively house an impressive total installed capacity of 1,16,976 spindles.

Suryalata has gone for 100% automation for their packing by installing 5 units of Indo Texnology’s automatic cone systems in all their 5 units. Sinha remarked, “After a thorough two-month trial with our first purchase, we were thoroughly impressed by its performance, prompting us to acquire three more machines successively. These machines have become instrumental in our company’s success story.” He further highlighted that they have recommended these machines to others, all of whom have reported satisfaction with their performance. Sinha also commended the exemplary after-sales technical support provided by Indo Texnology. He emphasized the availability of a sufficient number of engineers in Coimbatore and other cities, ensuring prompt assistance whenever an issue arises.

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