Automatic cone packing system with Al Vision based cone inspection, fully integrated with Mill Information System

  • Box Packing (Carton)
  • Bag Packing (Sack)
  • Cone Inspection - Al Vision Based


  • Cone Weight Control - To avoid weight in excess of mill's standard into each box or bag.
  • Eliminates errors due to cone mixups and yarn mixups
  • Stops defective cones based on UV inspection.
  • Packing Report - End of shift/day for integration into mill ERP.
  • Consistent Packing
  • Man Power Saving


Weight Measurement
  • In sets of cones getting packed into the same bag or box.
  • Smart Weight Control Assistance
  • Net and Gross Weight Logging
Cone orientation
Cones are tilted to the appropriate orientation to be fitted into bags
Polythene Wrapping
The Cones are wrapped and sealed - Consistent quality.
Bag or Box Packing
The cones are placed into the bags or box in layers depending on the configuration chosen.
Box Taping & Strapping
  • Taped
  • Strapped
  • Gross Weight
Labeling & Packing Info
  • Barcode label is generated with the required packing information.
  • Packing Data/Shift/Day consolidated and integrated with mill ERP.
Al Vision Based Cone Inspection System

Automatic Cone Inspection System as an add on to Auto Cone Pack (Also available as a standalone product)

Automatic Inspection and Alert on:
  • Cone Tip Identification: For any variation in design/colour and alerts for instant stopping.
  • UV Defect Analysis
  • Cartons of different sizes and configuration possible
  • Automatic taping and strapping of boxes
  • Label print with barcode
  • Auto Cone Inspection
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Bags/ Sacks of different sizes and configuration possible
  • Auto Cone Inspection
  • Remote Diagnostics

Client's Experience

At Suryalata group, Indo Texnology's Auto Cone Pack has helped the packing department to be organised and easily accountable apart from manpower saving. The system ensures full proof weight control, finished goods data entry and saves managerial time.
SMPL is happy to have chosen ACP from IndoTexnology When we planned for an automated packing system, we evaluated several options and finally decided on the ACP solution from IndoTexnology as a smart solution, considering the investment and the return on it. In its ACP we found the features aligned to our existing process and user friendly.
The first one was installed in June 2018. We took a few months to study it in detail, and the users to get comfortable in the operation and upkeep. Now we are equipped with three ACP systems to cover the packing of all our four units.
They also support us promptly when we need especially during the implementation of the first system. Now our engineers have become quite adept at handling all by themselves. We are happy to have chosen the ACP from IndoTecnology.
We have installed 3 ACP systems with flexible semi-Automatic configurations to pack in boxes as wells as Bags. The first system was installed in 2016 and the system has been running smoothly, with hardly any service requirement.
Started with one system 2 years ago, now have added two more – offering 100% of their packing requirement for Ring spun and OE Yarns into both Bags and Boxes. Mahima Fibres
At our new plant Ashok Fine, we have installed the ACP – Auto cone Pack system and BALEXpress – Fully Automatic Baling system. Besides that, we have a also installed Spinnov and Sortlink in our older plant.
The first system was installed in 2016 and the system has been running smoothly, with hardly any service requirement.
The Auto Cone Pack System has been installed in our unit and we have been able to reduce our man power requirement, achieve uniformity, and control in our packing. Indo Texnology has been giving good service and support.

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