Intelligent Automatic Bobbin Transport System

  • Flexibility of grouping any Roving Frame to any Ring Frame
  • First-in-First-out mode for delivery of bobbin
  • Eliminates Quality issues associated with manual handling
  • Foolproof controls by PLC eliminates count mix-up
  • i aBTS frees up ground space
  • Effective utilization of manpower
  • Reduced power consumption

Models and Options:

  • Mini Automatic system
  • Buffer storage


  • Roving bobbin stripping
  • Roving bobbin exchanger
  • Interface with Roving Frame Autodoffer


  • Central control system
  • Fastest communication protocol
  • De-centralised control stations
  • Built-in salf diagnostics
  • GUI made simple for operation and service functions
  • Intelligent systems - Decides and operates automatically when necessary
  • Visual indicators on machines for operators showing system status and operation
  • Remote diagnostics - Enabled
  • Hard anodised aluminium alloy profiles for trackways

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