Al Vision-based Bobbin Sorting

The complete process of cop sorting is automated, avoiding manpower and possible errors.

  • Magic - AI based vision system
  • Crate Manager
  • Trolley - For Mills with Auto Doffer
  • No Limitations
  • No Extra Space Required
  • No Skill Required: Auto Colour Teaching
  • Data on Rejected Bobbin
  • Sorts empty bobbins of upto 4 different colours
  • Segregates full bobbins
  • Segregates bobbins with remnant yarn
  • High Speed - Installed on 100 drum auto winders
  • High Reliability- Minimal movements and no sensors


  • Accuracy - 100% colour segregation
  • Flexibility - All colours can be segregated
  • Minimal training - Easy to teach and save multiple colours
  • Remote diagnostics - Our engineers can diagnose and help mill engineers online
  • Minimal maintenance - Minimal Movements and No Sensors
  • Can be linked all models: Murata, Savio, Schlafhorst
  • Live report - Full bobbin rejection %, Remnant yarn (Kirchi/Gira bobbin) %
  • Sorts cops of 2 different colours
  • Aligned and sorted bobbins in crates
  • Can store up to 10 empty and 10 filled in crates
  • The crates can be manually replenished as the filled crates move out in a queue
  • Sorts up to 4 colours of bobbins
  • Sorts bobbins in a trolley which can be directly loaded into Ring frames with Auto Doffer

What Sortlink can do for you?

Potential to save 9-10 people per day, for a 25,000 spindle mill (30s/40s Nec) with 8 or 9 automatic winders.

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