Indo Texnology news 31-Jan-2024

Loyal Customer’s Journey with Indo Texnology’s Auto Cone Packing System

- Jaivardhan Thirupathi

apac packing machine
apac cone packing machine
automatic cone packing machine
auto cone packing
With SBTL's first automatic cone packing machine and their team

In early 2016, SBTL became one of the first adopters of our revolutionary automatic cone packing system. Today, after four system installations and seven years of successful partnership, I returned to their plant felt like I was visiting family. Their story is a testament to the reliability, performance, and ongoing service excellence that defines Indo Texnology's automatic cone packing machines.

From their first Auto Cone Pack to their latest, SBTL has witnessed the evolution of our technology firsthand. While our latest models boast advanced features, their original machine still stands strong, a symbol of the robustness and longevity we build into every automatic cone packing machine.

My visit allowed me to interact with SBTL's operators and maintenance team, whose valuable feedback is central to our continuous improvement. Their insights, along with the team's meticulous adherence to the machine's maintenance schedule, are crucial in driving our innovation forward.

Partnerships like ours with SBTL fuel our dedication to providing the best automatic cone packing machines and service in the industry. We're incredibly grateful for their trust and look forward to many more milestones together.

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